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Interlock is an adaptive security services company. We have evolved with the times as our home place of Singapore has grown and become a booming international hub.

Security Guard Service

We provides customised security services solutions for all kinds of facility security, infrastructure security. We do other security related services.

  1. Conduct Security Surveys in assessment of the risk pertaining to a particular assignment. Highlights the particular physical security measures that are deemed unnecessary to lower or remove the risk factor of the assignment.
  2. Provide physical security measures using trained guards to ensure the client’s premises are safe especially during the silent hours. Such assignments include condominiums, Office Building, Factories Warehouses, Exhibition
  3. Provide Security personnel for crowd control, exhibition & entertainment shows.
  4. Provide escort services and bodyguard services to celebrities and VIP’s on tours.
  5. On FIRE PROTECTION, we provide consultancy services on risk assessment.

CCTV & Camera

Install hardware for Security purpose, such as CCTV, fire and intruder alarms and other electronic alarms

Technology Services

We are transferring our customer to next generation using cutting edge technologies.

Private Investigation

  1. Matrimonial & Family cases which include male/female relationship. Surveillance on the movement of suspicious characters and submit reports/attend courts accordingly.
  2. Commercial cases include fraud, infringement of trademark and copyrights,
    fraudulent insurance claims, and monitoring of employees, movement Check on background of potential employees and employers.
  3. Personnel surveillance is conducted on doubtful employees who could be using company funds/resources for their personal use, etc.
  4. Espionage investigations are conducted on suspicious staff, etc. Undercover Investigations.
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